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  1. Boxer Briefs Bamboo-Flex Sliders Gold
    As low as $19.95
  2. Boxer Briefs Bamboo-Flex Sliders Purple
    As low as $19.95
  3. Boxer Briefs Bamboo-Flex Sliders Red
    As low as $19.95
  4. Boxer Briefs Bamboo Pro Sliders Long Leg
    As low as $22.95
  5. 4 Boxer Briefs Bamboo-Flex Sliders Mix Colour Pack
    As low as $74.95
  6. Boxer Briefs Bamboo-Flex Sliders Black
    As low as $21.95
  7. -15%
    Fella Front Purple Brief Limited Edition
    As low as $11.01
  8. -55%
    6 Boxer Briefs Spin Pack
    As low as $35.08
  9. -15%
    6 Pack Satin Boxer Shorts
    As low as $59.46
  10. -30%
    Boxer Shorts 1, 3 or 6 Packs
    As low as $10.47
  11. -30%
    8 Boxer Shorts Harlequin Pack
    As low as $62.97
  12. -27%
    5 Pack Boxer Briefs
    As low as $47.41
  13. -15%
    Fella Front Briefs 1, 3 or 6 Packs
    As low as $11.01
  14. -15%
    Satin Boxer Shorts
    As low as $13.56
  15. -30%
    4 Boxer Shorts Harlequin Pack
    As low as $36.37
  16. -27%
    Boxer Briefs 1, 3 or 6 Packs
    As low as $10.91
  17. -20%
    Boxer Shorts 8 Black Pack XY Edition
    As low as $61.56
  18. -20%
    Boxer Briefs HiGrade XY Edition
    As low as $7.96
  19. -27%
    3 Mixed Boxer Briefs Flags Pack
    As low as $29.16
  20. -25%
    Mens Modal Boxer Briefs Black/Gold
    As low as $11.96
  21. -25%
    Mens Boxer Briefs Force edition
    As low as $10.46
  22. -55%
    6 Boxer Shorts Gold Neon Black
    As low as $35.98
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Men's Underwear & Trunks

Ready to style and elevate your wardrobe?

Shop Frank and Beans men's underwear and discover what it means to both look good and feel good under all those clothes. Our range of comfy men’s underwear has been designed for all body types and plus sizes, with breathable, stretchy, and soft fabrics for your everyday outfits and activewear. Plus they come in a range of cool prints and colours. From men's Briefs to Boxer shorts, we’ve got all the most popular styles for you to choose from.

Frank and Beans collection features original designs created in Australia, these men's undies are the most comfortable you'll ever wear. Our Bamboo Boxer Briefs or our cotton Boxer Shorts will exceed your expectations. You’re certain to find all the best styles with Frank's iconic range! Versatile, and incredibly soft to the touch with their 100% cotton, cotton blend, satin or bamboo fabrics. They feature a super soft waistband and anti-chafing performance, giving you the freedom to move.

Satin Boxer Shorts are another popular option for the guys, these classic men's silky Boxers Shorts provide superior luxury and comfort. Enjoy the luxurious feel of our premium satin woven fabric. They would suit guys who like Boxer Shorts but want to try something a little different.

Also, you can shop for men's underwear online at Frank and beans for multipacks, classic mens Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Boxer Shorts and more. Find the best coverage, colours, and styles all in one package.