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As with most things related to fashion, there are a lot of underwear do's and don'ts to take into consideration.

To write this list, we thought about what the trends are, what the underwear is going to be used for, and the kind of clothing that would go with it. We also talk a bit about the importance of choosing the right underwear for your body type, and how to take care of your undergarments.

Read more to find out what you can do to make sure you make the most out of your underwear!

Underwear Do's and Don'ts

1) Do: Pick underwear that is your actual size, and fits you properly.

Don't: Use underwear that is too tight.

It is a common mistake to buy undies or bras that are not in the correct size.

Using the wrong size of underwear feels uncomfortable, looks bad and can even damage your health, so please choose wisely! Learn more about this topic here.

2) Do: Pay attention to fabrics.

Don't: Buy underwear without looking at its materials.

Whether you buy underwear made out of synthetic or organic material, keep in mind that the wrong kind of fabric can cause rashes, allergies and other skin issues.

It’s important to be aware of how sensitive your skin is before you move on to your next shopping spree. Here are some useful tips to find it out.

3) Do: Be aware of trends.

Don’t: Go overboard with what’s current.

Not every trend works for everybody. While it's good to be aware of what's going on in the fashion world, including underwear, you still need to make sure you're buying things that fit you and your personality.

Furthermore, sometimes trends can be a little... odd. Sticking to the classics will never go out of style.

4) Do: Think about the whole outfit.

Don't: Ruin what you're wearing with underwear that doesn't match.

underwear do's and don'ts

This one is for the ladies: Avoid wearing underwear that doesn't go with the rest of the outfit. Before you leave the house, make sure that the colour of your undergarments doesn't stick out for all the wrong reasons.

If you're going to wear something tight, take a look in the mirror to avoid camel toe and choose underwear that compliments your figure. Keep everything in its place!


5) Do: Hand-wash your underwear.

Don't: Throw your undies in the washing machine (unless you have no choice).

Underwear is probably the most delicate kind of clothing and, if you want to extend its life, you need to take care of it correctly.

Putting your bras, panties, boxers or briefs in the washing machine can damage their overall elasticity, and take a toll on the fabric and details, so we would advise you to stick to hand washing.

However, if you’re in a rush, put your undies inside a washing bag, use a special detergent for delicate clothes and start the washing machine cycle.

Don’t forget to air dry! (in case of doubt, look at the washing instructions).


Underwear do: Air dry your undies
Underwear do: Air dry your undies



6) Do: Change your underwear constantly.

Don't: Keep the same pair of undies on after working out.

Last but not least, at this point, everyone should know to change underwear constantly, particularly after exercising.

However, it's still a (sadly) common thing to keep wearing the same pair of panties or boxers after sweating, which can lead to infections.

Please, don't forget to put on another pair of clean undies whenever you get a chance!

What do you think about this series of underwear do's and don'ts? Let us know in the comments!