Underwear Scenes

It's not a secret that we love underwear, but movies and TV are also among our favourite things. Therefore, we're very happy when we get to have both (#NetflixAndChill anyone?), like in some iconic underwear scenes.

Here's a list of the best cinema and television moments revolving around undies, in our humble opinion.

Top 5 Underwear Scenes

1) Bridget Jones's big panties

The ladies have a lot of choices when it comes to undergarments. Some are more risqué, while others are all about comfort, but most women have a lot of different kinds of underwear for every occasion.

Whether they admit it or not, a girl's underwear drawer is not complete without (at least) a stomach-holding panty, to keep it all nice and tight.

In Bridget Jones's Diary, our beloved leading lady is in the middle of a make-out session with her lover (Daniel Cleaver) when he notices her comfy (or “enormous") knickers.

The result? A hilarious, unforgettable "hello mummy" moment.

2) Salma Hayek in From Dusk Till Dawn

Director Robert Rodriguez knows a thing or two when it comes to picking sexy leading ladies, but he outdid himself when he chose Salma Hayek for the movie From Dusk Till Dawn.

The Latina actress plays a seductive vampire queen whose steamy dance routine with a snake is still as charming these days as it was when the movie was released.

Fun fact: Some believe that this iconic underwear movie scene inspired Britney Spears for her memorable 2001 MTV Video Music Awards performance.

3) When Joey wore women's lingerie on Friends

On an episode of Friends, Phoebe tells Joey that she's wearing her (at the time) boyfriend's underwear and that he wears hers. A curious Joey decides to give it a try and ends up loving it, perhaps a little too much for Phoebe's judgment.

The pair discusses the different choices women have when buying underwear, with Joey going crazy over fabrics like cotton, silk, and lace. Can you blame him?

4) Christian Bale in American Psycho


Top 5 Underwear Scenes - American Psycho
Top 5 Underwear Scenes - American Psycho


Who would've thought that someone with such immaculate white boxer shorts could be so evil?

Christian Bale's character in American Psycho (called Patrick Bateman) was an expert when it came down to hiding his particular interests.

On the outside, he was a wealthy investment banker who would spend his hours in New York's high society. However, inside the walls of his big mansion, he was also a murderer who enjoyed dancing in his underwear.

Fun fact: Finn Wittrock paid homage to this scene during the Freakshow season of American Horror Story.

5) Tom Cruise in Risky Business

Last but not least: There's no underwear moment in cinema history as iconic as the infamous Tom Cruise dance in Risky Business.

The scene has been recreated several times in movies and TV shows, ensuring its legacy, and white briefs will always remind you of the routine, even if you haven't watched the whole movie.

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct


Top 5 Underwear Scenes - Basic Instinct
Top 5 Underwear Scenes - Basic Instinct


In 1992's movie Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone plays Catherine Tramell, a woman accused of killing a rockstar during sex.

While her interrogation was in process, Catherine would do anything to confuse and shock the investigators. Her antics included smoking and crossing her legs while wearing and skirt and no underwear.

We know this moment is, technically, not an underwear scene, but that's exactly why it's so iconic!

Sharon Stone served another movie moment that's been recreated over and over again.

What do you think about our Top 5 Underwear Scenes? Do you know any others? Let us know in the comments!