Underwear Online

In the past, we've covered the different underwear styles and what they say about a man's personality. We've also discussed the do's and don'ts of underwear for both men and women.

Therefore, we figured it was time to share some tips to buy underwear that you can follow whether you decide to get them online or at a store.

5 Tips to buy underwear

1) Choose the right size

As we said before, is a common mistake to use underwear that is either too big or too tight.

To help you, many brands (including us) offer size charts on their website that you can use for reference to make sure you buy something that fits.

Even if you're usually an M or an L, we would advise paying attention to what every brand says about their sizes since they can be slightly different.

2) Start with the basics

Similar to most things in life, it's important to cover the basics when it comes to undies.

If you're a girl, you'll need white, black and nude underwear since those three will go with pretty much every outfit. When it comes to styles, you'll need bikinis, G strings and comfy full briefs along with supportive bras for any occasion.

If you're a guy, go for boxer briefs, boxer shorts, and briefs in colours such as black, white, grey and navy blue.

Once you got the basics, you can start adding fun, colourful options for special occasions, if you know what we mean.

3) Invest in high-quality

The quality of your underwear is important to guarantee its overall durability.

Whether you buy separate pieces, sets or packs, make sure you invest in high-quality undergarments that will stay with you for longer.

However, keep in mind that you can find great undergarments at a good price since both things are NOT mutually exclusive (go to our shop here).

4) Keep an eye out for online deals

Online underwear shopping offers you the possibility to get special deals that you won't find at the stores.

Look out for free shipping, coupons, and discounts to make the most out of your shopping experience.

An extra tip? Subscribe to mailing lists to be aware of special sales.

5) Look at online return policies

Last but not least, don't forget to read the return policies before you decide to purchase underwear online.

Most sites won't allow you to return pieces if they were not what you expected or in your size, so it's important to know what to expect.

On the other hand, we make it possible for you to return sets to us or exchange them if you don't like the underwear (provided you follow our return rule - not washed, not worn), which you should keep in mind.

Do you know any other tips to buy underwear online? Share them in the comments!